Welcome to Golden Hound



All of our products are hand-made of the finest leather, and our bronzes are cast in the lost wax process, meaning solid bronze.
Everything is made and assembled in California and the beauty of our products will last the test of time.
We hope you enjoy our sight and we look forward to assisting you in your purchases. Come visit us at most California dog shows!

  • We specialize in the slide collar. It is an extremely safe collar for all hounds. When properly sized, they will not be able to shrug out of this collar. It is also a great, strong and comfortable controlling collar for all other breeds. It does not cut into the neck like a choke chain, yet it holds the dog securely. 
  • Most of our collars come in different widths – 1.25″ wide or 1.75″ wide. A wider collar is ideal for the comfort of a sight hound’s elegant neck. We also have buckle style collars.
  • We ship all items with UPS insured shipping. Custom inquiries are welcome.
  • View our gallery for photos of our happy customers. If you are a proud Golden Hound collar owner, feel free to submit a photo of your dog wearing our collars.


EMAIL: goldenhoundcollars@yahoo.com                 TEL: 323-404-7085